[squeak-dev] multitasking now available in Squeak6.0?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue Jan 5 15:10:07 UTC 2021

Hi Herbert.

> What happens, in that scenario when I switch projects?

Well, Morphic projects cannot yet run in the background. This would imply undefined behavior for host windows, too, if not closed upon switching projects. :-) 

Well, if you would want to keep those host windows open, there is no need to work with multiple Squeak/Morphic projects anymore since you could organize your open tools with host windows in the host environment and rely on the support of multiple desktops in that host environment. Makes sense?  ... of course, this would pull out valuable information of your current work state out of the image into the host environment. Save & quit could be tricky. Hmm... Not sure whether the position of a host window can be restored to fill those virtual host desktops again.

Am 05.01.2021 16:01:10 schrieb Herbert <herbertkoenig at gmx.net>:
Hi Marcel,

Am 05.01.21 um 15:33 schrieb Marcel Taeumel:

There is already the HostWindowPlugin, which enables users to spawn new host windows -- but Morphic is not able to make good use of it at the moment. Its big central world is too monolithic at the moment. I have some ideas on how to split that up and -- for example -- assign morphs within a world to various host windows. Such morphs could the SystemWindows or just those window's contents. ... not breaking the powerful halo-inspection mechanics, of course. ;-)

What happens, in that scenario when I switch projects? Would be cool, if I could have one host window from the previous project still open, while working in the current project. Would be uncool if it hinders the use of projects.
I think this would need a lot of thought. Changes in a host window spawned from an inactive project? Or just close all host windows when leaving a project? Auto spawn all associated host windows on project entry? Change project only in the main host window? Or each host window = a project? (I'd like this!)

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