[squeak-dev] V3

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Jan 9 15:09:21 UTC 2021

On Fri, Jan 08, 2021 at 08:08:33PM -0800, Eliot Miranda wrote:
> Hi V,
> On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 6:07 PM Vanessa Freudenberg <vanessa at codefrau.net>
> wrote:
> > Reading the code I again noticed "Squeak V3" as name for the old bytecode
> > set. Always wanted to know: Where does the "V3" nomenclature come from?
> > What's V1 and V2? And should we consider Sista to be V4, or treat it as
> > completely unrelated?
> >
> In my diseased and uninformed mind V3 came from my noticing that the double
> extended do anything bytecode didn't exist in Smalltalk-80, so I presumed
> it wasn't in Squeak V1.  I don't know if it's in V2, and I was too lazy to
> go look, but I did know it was in V3, so I called it, and the object
> representation "V3".  Presumptuous but concise of me.  For me it really is
> a label for no more than the state of play of Squeak when I came to start
> changing its core execution engine.  I hope this is harmless enough.

I have become quite comfortable with the "V3" notation by now, regardless
of its origins. I would prefer not to change it because I have used it
extensively in some of my own personal projects (e.g. all of the package
names in my http://www.squeaksource.com/TrunkUpdateStreamV3 hobby project).

I also just like the name. "V3" is short and easily recognized, and it
works nicely as a prefix or suffix in other names. To me, it also carries
a vague connotation of "stable but not necessarily the latest thing".
That's probably based on my recollection of early PC applications and
operating systems where everyone knew not to trust any product until
it reached at least version 3 ;-)


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