[squeak-dev] V3

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Fri Jan 15 04:07:09 UTC 2021

Hi Craig,

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 01:35:42PM -0800, Craig Latta wrote:
> Hi Dave--
> > ...
> >
> > Prior to that the support code was hosted on sourceforge.com. I don't
> > know if any copy of that repository still exists, and I don't know
> > when it first became publicly available. Some of that history may be
> > lost.
>      Perhaps it's worth looking around the Wayback Machine snapshots at 
> archive.org?

I don't know if there is anything of real interest in the original SourceForge
repository, but if so I would guess that Ian Piumarta would be most likely
to have a copy of it. The current Subversion repository that is still on
line at squeakvm.org has version history going back to October 2001. Most
likely there is some discussion of this on the squeak-dev list archives from
that period.

I don't recall any specifics, but I think that sourceforge was the github
of that era - ie the latest and greatest cool hosting service - and for
reasons I no longer recall it got to be uncool and we had to rescue the
VM sources. "We" in this case being Ian, who has been providing and paying
for the hosting service ever since.

FWIW, Tim Rowledge appears to have the honor of having made the very first
commit to the SVN repository circa 2001. I keep a private git mirror of
the squeakvm.org repository, and a tail of the git log says this:

> commit 6364e4a829c239562a1dbddbf77c57fe74c20a3c
> Author: Tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org>
> Date:   Wed Oct 24 23:11:49 2001 +0000
>     Initial revision
> commit eaae7a667f99ee68cc477d3167a6fe3b88e012bf
> Author: (no author) <(no author)>
> Date:   Wed Oct 24 23:11:49 2001 +0000
>     New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

Which may or may not be correct, since the actual SVN log says:

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r2 | rowledge | 2001-10-24 19:11:49 -0400 (Wed, 24 Oct 2001) | 2 lines
> Initial revision
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Either way I think that Tim gets first commit honors. And the git variant
of the log tells me that the earlier repo was a CVS repository, for
whatever that may be worth.


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