[squeak-dev] Unix keyboard events lose track when multiple keys pressed or keys held down

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jan 15 05:46:57 UTC 2021

Definitely some issue with sqUnixX11.c 

Press&hold 'a', see repeats of keypress event & keyrelease event for 'a', 
press&hold 'b' see repeats of keypress event & keyrelease event for 'b'
 - no more events for 'a' even though it is still pressed
release 'b' see release of 'b'
 - no return to events for 'a'
release 'a' see only lowest level VM event of releasing 'a', nothing goes to image

To see this I compiled with 
in the mvm file.

Really weird. And I guess we should note that the xev listing shows the same behaviour wrt the repeats of 'a' stopping when 'b' is pressed; it's just that the final release of 'a' happens it records it.

Is this some weird x keyboard extension we need to install to do things properly?

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