[squeak-dev] Unloading EToys from Squeak Image

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Jan 23 01:16:30 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 12:07:06PM +0000, Arjen van Elteren via Squeak-dev wrote:
> All,
> I would like to unload the EToys packages from image.
> I tried with the Monticello Browser, unloading seems to proceed. But at the end nothing is reacting anymore.
> Any hint on how to successfully unload the EToys?
> Should I use a workspace in an MVC project?

Hello Arjen,

I don't think that unloading works yet, but hopefully soon. The
goal is to make Etoys reloadable, which means that it can be fully
removed from the image, and also reinstalled into an image from
which it has been removed.

A lot of good work has gone into this in the last few years, but
it is not complete. If you do any work on this yourself, any input
would be welcome either as inbox contributions or messages to
the list here.

I should mention also that this topic came up (again!) in the
last online meeting of our Squeak oversight board and it is on
our agenda for the next meeting. I think everyone agrees that
this is important to do, it's just a small matter of somebody
doing the work ;-)


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