[squeak-dev] Transcript error when forceUpdate: false (?)

jaromir m at jaromir.net
Mon Jan 25 18:30:06 UTC 2021

> It's simply not thread-safe.

Are you saying whenever the UI process interrupts Transcript printing from a
lower-priority non-UI process a failure occurs?

I tried     [ 20 timesRepeat: [ 1000 factorial . Transcript show: 'x' ]  ]
forkAt: 39      a few times while having the Transcript window full and
sooner rather than later it failed *regardless *of the #forceUpdate setting.

> In #endEntry, we could check for "Processor activeProcess == Project
> current uiProcess" to then use "Project current addDeferredUIMessage..."
> automatically.

Deferring automatically would actually mean #forceUpdate = true no longer
means anything for lower-priority non-UI processes, right? (Because the
problem seems to occur regardless of #forceUpdate setting)

It still seems to me it has something to do with scrolling the full
Transcript window...


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