[squeak-dev] (16r00E007F + 16r000001) asCharacter

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sun Jan 31 08:16:08 UTC 2021

Hi Folks,

I am diving into Unicode and resultant parts for  my WikitextParser  work and am asking for some pointers on where to look in Squeak/Morphic for how fonts interact with Morphic.

The maximum unicode character per here: https://jrgraphix.net/research/unicode_blocks.php is 16r00E007F

So, I decided to see what Character would do if I dialed it up to 11 a bit...

(16r00E007F + 16r000001) asCharacter

What this tells me is that Character just has an integer and that the display of the character associated with that integer is "delegated" to something else (which makes sense).

So, as I try to "duplicate" the displayed characters at https://jrgraphix.net/research/unicode_blocks.php  with an appropriate Font (or "Font strategy...meaning, detect the font required and load it on the fly in a particular use-case) 

I figured I would ask for help in clarifying my presuppositions on how we get from 16r00E0041 asCharacter to 16r00E0042 asCharacter  

(get it? from A to B....heh).

to expand a bit.

I have characters that do show up in Chrome that do not show up in Squeak. I assume this only has to do with the Font not supporting that particular integer. Is this assumption correct? 

thanks in advance.
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