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tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jul 28 17:13:53 UTC 2021

> On 2021-07-28, at 4:52 AM, Eric Gade <eric.gade at gmail.com> wrote:
> Or perhaps the fundamentals would need to be a VM plugin, but that seems a bit excessive to me.

Oh, there's nothing excessive about a VM plugin if it makes sense to you. If there is a lot of bit-twiddling to do in large batches, for example, a plugin makes a lot of sense. Or if there is already a good outside library it might be easiest and fastest to use a plugin (or ffi, obviously) to interface with it. Then it comes down to what one likes to do - some of us would prefer to write everything in Smalltalk, no matter the difficulty, whereas others like to mess with the VM code.  Each to their own and may it bring happiness and harmony and chocolate.

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