[squeak-dev] Debian tarball updates?

Phil B pbpublist at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 00:12:38 UTC 2021


On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 6:50 PM Vanessa Freudenberg <vanessa at codefrau.net>

> I want the user experience to be that you just double-click any image, and
> it will be launched with the right VM. On the command line, "squeak
> my.image" should do the same.

I can't necessarily commit to the double-clicking functionality (unless
it already exists for Linux... if so please point me in the right direction
as I don't recall ever having that experience with it) right now, but
that's  what I'd be going for on the command line.  How much 'more' I'll be
able to do will depend largely on how much energy I have left after
navigating the non-technical Debian side of things.

> While separate packages might make more sense technically, an extension of
> the squeak-vm package makes more sense philosophically, IMHO. But either
> way is fine. Politically, accepting a larger squeak-vm package would be
> solely a decision of the maintainers, whereas creating a new package has to
> go through all levels of debian legal shenanigans.

Agreed.  What the solution will end up looking like is going to be largely
determined by what they find acceptable.  My hope is that since the
package/project has already been accepted into Debian, that they will just
see a couple more as the extension/evolution that it is rather than a
completely new thing.  If so, I suspect the main hurdle will be getting
them to a comfort level that this isn't an alien, hard to maintain thing
we're asking them to take on.  Make a note of my thoughts on this in the
'before times' when I had hope... ;-)

> No, we don't have anyone. If anyone then that was me, but many years ago.
> If you want to step up to that role, awesome! I think Jonas will be happy
> to hear from us.

No problem, I'll get on it.

> P.S. Oh wow!  Just looked at the http://files.squeak.org/debian/ link...
>> people should definitely be steered away from using that unless they have a
>> specific reason to still use that.
> I think we should remove it, or at least slap a big warning sign on it.

No argument from me.

>> The package already in the Debian repos is definitely more current and
>> usable (for older images) on recent Debian releases... there are only a
>> handful of patches they've applied.  Should I forward them to Dave for
>> review?
> Yes please.

Will do.

> Thank you!
> - Vanessa -

Thanks for the details!

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