[squeak-dev] Dictionary Inspector broken

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue Jun 22 07:00:58 UTC 2021

Hi Eliot,

fixed in Tools-mt.1058. Thanks for the report.

This is was regression that happened during last year's inspector refactoring. We misjudged the selection of objects that can actually be a binding. (#isVariableBinding vs. Binding class)

Am 22.06.2021 03:22:51 schrieb Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>:

    someone has broken the DIctionary Inspector.  Undeclared is a dictionary that holds globals that have yet to be declared.  These can arise from class names of classes not yet loaded, or from methods referring to variables that should be instance variables that have yet to be declared, etc.  Code refers to Undeclared variables by referring to the binding (the association) in the dictionary.  (When a class is loaded if a binding of the same name is in ndeclared this is used to hold the class and the binding is moved to Smalltalk, hence fixing up Undeclared references)  Undeclared is how Smalltalk does forward declarations.

A standard use case is to look for references to a binding in Undeclared when tracking down and eliminating Undeclared variables.  Note that one searches for the binding, not the key for the binding.  There used to be an entry on the Dictionary menu called something like Browse references to this binding.  It's gone.  This is an important and useful funcito, please restore it.

Now I have to type, e.g.
    self systemNavigation browseAllCallsOn: (self associationAt: #value)
And in my system right now
 self systemNavigation allCallsOn: (Undeclared associationAt: #value)

answers  an OrderedCollection(a MethodReference PrintfNumberHolderDescriptor >> #render: a MethodReference PrintfNumberHolderDescriptor >> #value) 

whereas what is offered by the menu (senders of this key) answers something 1875 elements long:

(self systemNavigation allCallsOn: #value) size 1875 

Would whoever removed the item please restore it ASAP?  And I encourage people to become aware of, and teach, Undeclared.  It should be a regular part of software development in Smalltalk to check up on Undeclared.

thank you.

best, Eliot
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