[squeak-dev] 2 raisedTo: 63 on Pi returns 0 ? (was Re: how to determine available RAM?)

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu May 6 23:33:55 UTC 2021

I was just about to say something about Chris'question and tried 

2 raisedTo: 63

in a Workspace. I was a little surprised to see '0' returned.

On my Mac 64 I get the right answer. On the Pi I get the right(ish) answer if I substitute 2.0. To make things weirder if I debug, the end value of 'result' in Number>>#raisedToInteger: is correct. The value of 'stack top' in its sender #raisedTo: is the same correct value.

Gronk? It's clearly not a problem with printing the value since I see the correct value. If I try 
(2 raisedTo: 63)  / 64.0
to check what number is actually there... I get 0. Implying there is really 0. Debug it and.. yup 0. What? It looks like somewhere the LPI instance is getting mishandled but where?

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