[squeak-dev] stepping over non local return in a protected block

Christoph Thiede christoph.thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sat May 15 18:16:04 UTC 2021

Hi Jaromir, Hi Nicolas,

> however the same problem remains on lower levels, i.e. for stepping over
> #return:through: and #resume:through: - same example, same incorrect
> behavior:

I fully agree with this. While Nicolas's fix makes this particular situation
easier to debug, IMHO it is only fighting the symptoms. In my opinion, we
should instead fix the underlying problem of dangling guard contexts in

I have just updated runUntilErrorOrReturnFrom.cs as proposed in [1], which
notifies the debugger about risky context manipulations such as #jump,
#swapSender:, and now also #resume:through:. I think that this is a more
holistic approach than #simulatedAboutToReturn:through:.

I'm still wondering whether this approach has its limits, but if there are
any, I did not yet find them. Probably Jaromir you might feel like giving
this a closer look? Looking forward to your feedback! :-)



Carpe Squeak!
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