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Sun May 16 05:50:27 UTC 2021

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of FFI-Tests to project FFI:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: FFI-Tests-mt.38
Author: mt
Time: 16 May 2021, 7:50:25.29658 am
UUID: b32d1ecd-c367-cd43-907d-e0a00c06d6b5
Ancestors: FFI-Tests-mt.37

Complements FFI-Kernel-mt.151

=============== Diff against FFI-Tests-mt.37 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FFIAllocateTests>>test04GlobalVariableInArray (in category 'tests') -----
  	"If you happen to have to address to a global variable you can use a type alias or just external data for it. See ExternalObject class >> #fromHandle:."
  	| global |
  	global := self allocate: ExternalType int32_t size: 1.
+ 	self assert: global isFFIArray.
- 	self assert: global isArray.
  	self assert: 0 equals: global value.
  	global value: 42.
  	self assert: 42 equals: global value.!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FFIAllocateTests>>test10ArrayClasses (in category 'tests - array') -----
  	"For integer and float types, allocate arrays and check for specific array classes. Then construct a conventional byte array for an external data structure. A copy should also convert into a specific array class with the same contents."
  	ExternalType useArrayClassesDuring: [
  	ExternalType atomicTypes do: [:contentType |
  		(contentType isIntegerType
  			or: [contentType isFloatType]
  			or: [contentType isCharType]) ifTrue: [
  				| array arrayType data copy |
  				array := self allocate: contentType size: 5.
  				arrayType := array externalType.
+ 				self assert: array isFFIArray.
- 				self assert: array isArray.
  				self assert: 5 equals: array size.
  				self assert: array byteSize equals: arrayType byteSize.
  				contentType = ExternalType signedChar ifFalse: [
  					self flag: #discuss. "mt: What is signedChar even for?"
  					self assert: contentType equals: array contentType].
  				self deny: array isNull.
  				self deny: (array isKindOf: ExternalData).
  				self assert: array equals: array getHandle.
  				self shouldnt: [array at: 1 put: contentType allocate] raise: Error.
  				self shouldnt: [array zeroMemory] raise: Error.
  				self should: [array setContentType: ExternalType byte] raise: Error.
  				self should: [array setSize: 42] raise: Error.
  				data := ExternalData
  					fromHandle: (ByteArray new: arrayType byteSize)
  					type: arrayType.
  				copy := data copy. "From external data into raw-bits array."
  				self deny: array equals: data.			
  				self assert: array equals: copy. ]]].!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FFIPluginTests>>testArrayResultWithPoint (in category 'tests - arrays') -----
  	"Test returning of pointers to arrays"
  	| pt1 pt2 pt3 |
  	pt1 := FFITestPoint4 new.
  	pt1 x: 1. pt1 y: 2. pt1 z: 3. pt1 w: 4.
  	pt2 := FFITestPoint4 new.
  	pt2 x: 5. pt2 y: 6. pt2 z: 7. pt2 w: 8.
  	pt3 := heapObject := FFITestLibrary ffiTestArrayResultWith: pt1 with: pt2.
+ 	self assert: pt3 isFFIArray.
- 	self assert: pt3 isArray.
  	pt3 := pt3 value.
  	self assert: pt3 x = 6.
  	self assert: pt3 y = 8.
  	self assert: pt3 z = 10.
  	self assert: pt3 w = 12.!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FFIPluginTests>>testArrayResultWithString (in category 'tests - arrays') -----
  	"Note that the result does not have to be free'd because the FFITestLibrary is just passing along a Smalltalkg string. I think."
  	| string result |
  	string := 'Hello Squeak!!'.
  	result := FFITestLibrary ffiTestArrayResultWithString: string.
+ 	self assert: result isFFIArray.
- 	self assert: result isArray.
  	ExternalData allowDetectForUnknownSizeDuring: [
  		self assert: string equals: result fromCString].!

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