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Jaromir Matas m at jaromir.net
Sat May 29 07:34:13 UTC 2021

Hi Christoph,

Christoph Thiede wrote
> Hi Jaromir,
> thanks for writing these tests! Just a few comments here:
> - #testTerminateInEnsure uses underscore assignments. This is a deprecated
> syntax and apparently, in current Trunk images even disabled by default.
> Without turning on my #allowUnderscoreAsAssignment preference, I cannot
> even run the test in my image. Could you please convert this to modern
> `:=` assignments?

Thanks for noticing! That's a shame ;) I must have uploaded the original
Cuis version I was testing (Juan brought my attention to the test). I'm
testing #terminate in parallel in both Squeak and Cuis to catch potential
irregularities (unfortunately Pharo diverged a bit too much for an "easy"
parallel implementation).

Christoph Thiede wrote
> - Also, there is no guarantee that in #testTerminateInEnsure, process will
> not have completed earlier, is it? This totally depends on the speed &
> implementation of the VM. We don't want this test to fail when running on
> a NSA machine or on your coffee machine in 2050, do we? ;P Did you
> consider using semaphores instead? :-)

This is the original Martin McClure's test, I didn't do any refinements yet
but I share your concerns ;)

Christoph Thiede wrote
> - #testTerminateInTerminate is very fancy. :D

Well, it gave me a real scare when I realized what happens when termination
is interrupted and terminated in the middle. Fortunately the fix is so easy

Thanks very much for your comments,

> Best,
> Christoph

^[^ Jaromir
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