[squeak-dev] The Inbox: KernelTests-jar.406.mcz

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat May 29 13:02:08 UTC 2021

Hi Jaromir,

On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 02:34:13AM -0500, Jaromir Matas wrote:
> Hi Christoph,
> Christoph Thiede wrote
> > Hi Jaromir,
> > 
> > thanks for writing these tests! Just a few comments here:
> > 
> > - #testTerminateInEnsure uses underscore assignments. This is a deprecated
> > syntax and apparently, in current Trunk images even disabled by default.
> > Without turning on my #allowUnderscoreAsAssignment preference, I cannot
> > even run the test in my image. Could you please convert this to modern
> > `:=` assignments?
> Thanks for noticing! That's a shame ;) I must have uploaded the original
> Cuis version I was testing (Juan brought my attention to the test). I'm
> testing #terminate in parallel in both Squeak and Cuis to catch potential
> irregularities (unfortunately Pharo diverged a bit too much for an "easy"
> parallel implementation).

You may not need it for the work you are doing, but it is worth knowing
that the FixUnderscores utility can be used for updating from _ to :=
assignments without losing the original author stamps.

You can find it on SqueakMap. From the world menu, open a SqueakMap
Catalog browser. Right-click on the left side panel and de-select the
"New safely-available packages" box. Scroll down the long list of
packages until you find FixUnderscores. Install version 1.0, and ignore
any warnings about compatibility.

Once installed you can use the FixUnderscores>>fixPackage: method to
update the underscores in an given package.

For moving code the other way from Squeak to Cuis, you can use any
convenient text editor (such as vi on unix) to replace all occurencees
of := with _. You also will want to convert <cr> to <lf> line endings
for Cuis conventions, which you can do with unix sed or directly in
the Cuis file browser before filing in the code.


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