[squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image

Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Mon Nov 1 17:52:33 UTC 2021

Hi Christoph,

I'm learning to use the Inbox Talk as a replacement for forum.world.st which I was using as my primary workflow tool (rather than a mail client). I'm very impressed by your Inbox Talk and would like to share my feedback:

  1.  Inbox Talk conversation "[ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image" appears split into two threads in the Inbox Talk (see the screenshot); I can't figure out why because the pipermail archive sees it correctly as one single conversation. Possibly a bug?
  2.  I miss an information about the sender of the last message in the thread (like in forum.world.st) - either on the line along with the timestamp and the subject or in the preview pane (or see suggestion #4 below). Sometimes it is not clear from the preview who the sender is (her signature being buried somewhere or missing altogether).
  3.  The Preview format differs based on whether a filter was used: no filter => simple last message preview; filter present => 'sophisticated' preview of the whole thread. I find this a bit confusing - why not unify the two?
  4.  Accessing more details about the thread means "opening" it in another window - which is ok if you're after one particular thread but if I'm just scanning through the main list, opening (and closing) new windows is awkward; how about having a large window showing the list of threads, the 'sophisticated' preview of the currently selected thread, a list of messages in the that thread and a preview of one message (the first or last by default) - as if the conversation browser was always open and glued together with the main Inbox Talk browser - see my screenshot :) Selecting another thread would automatically display the list of messages in that thread and previewed its first (or last) message allowing to quickly scan through the mailing list... I guess no new functionality needs to be added - just glue the two existing windows' contents? Could it mean a performance issue??
  5.  Have you considered an automatic refresh (every hour maybe?)
  6.  Tried to send this via the Inbox Talk but failed with the message: "SSL connect failed with code: -5". I'm on Win10, smtp-mail.outlook.com, port 587 - in case it matters :) I'd probably need some help here - it didn't even ask me for my password, just failed... Tried a different smtp server, port 465 - failed too. Trying port 25 now... Nope: it asked for my username/password but eventually failed with: "telnet protocol error:" :( So I'm sending this via my Windows mail client. Is it possible to setup and test the Squeak mail editor separately?
  7.  An observation: when attaching a file the Squeak mail editor won't show or notify whether the attachment has been attached. The only clue you get is when you press "remove attachment": it lists the attachments.

I'd like to use the Inbox Talk as my main tool so I may be back with more feedback :)

Thanks a lot!!


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