[squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image

Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Tue Nov 2 19:24:57 UTC 2021

Hi Christoph,

I've tried to figure out why sending from the Inbox Talk fails; here are my observations:

  1.  ports 465 and 587 don't work (at least in my case) - are they supposed to?
  2.  port 25 works but ONLY if the user email is the same as the user name used for SMTP authentication - which is unfortunate, because my email provider (MS smtp-mail.outlook.com) doesn't support port 25 and when I use a provider supporting port 25 (smtp.seznam.cz) it forces me to match the authentication email (userName) and the email used for mailing list (userEmail)! Otherwise it gives me '550 5.1.0 Use your own address, please.' error :) So I'm stuck here...
  3.  for convenient playing with various smtp settings it is better to open an inspector on the MailSender class

Any advice very welcome.


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Subject: Re: [squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image

Hi Christoph,

I'm learning to use the Inbox Talk as a replacement for forum.world.st which I was using as my primary workflow tool (rather than a mail client). I'm very impressed by your Inbox Talk and would like to share my feedback:

  1.  Inbox Talk conversation "[ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image" appears split into two threads in the Inbox Talk (see the screenshot); I can't figure out why because the pipermail archive sees it correctly as one single conversation. Possibly a bug?
  2.  I miss an information about the sender of the last message in the thread (like in forum.world.st) - either on the line along with the timestamp and the subject or in the preview pane (or see suggestion #4 below). Sometimes it is not clear from the preview who the sender is (her signature being buried somewhere or missing altogether).
  3.  The Preview format differs based on whether a filter was used: no filter => simple last message preview; filter present => 'sophisticated' preview of the whole thread. I find this a bit confusing - why not unify the two?
  4.  Accessing more details about the thread means "opening" it in another window - which is ok if you're after one particular thread but if I'm just scanning through the main list, opening (and closing) new windows is awkward; how about having a large window showing the list of threads, the 'sophisticated' preview of the currently selected thread, a list of messages in the that thread and a preview of one message (the first or last by default) - as if the conversation browser was always open and glued together with the main Inbox Talk browser - see my screenshot :) Selecting another thread would automatically display the list of messages in that thread and previewed its first (or last) message allowing to quickly scan through the mailing list... I guess no new functionality needs to be added - just glue the two existing windows' contents? Could it mean a performance issue??
  5.  Have you considered an automatic refresh (every hour maybe?)
  6.  Tried to send this via the Inbox Talk but failed with the message: "SSL connect failed with code: -5". I'm on Win10, smtp-mail.outlook.com, port 587 - in case it matters :) I'd probably need some help here - it didn't even ask me for my password, just failed... Tried a different smtp server, port 465 - failed too. Trying port 25 now... Nope: it asked for my username/password but eventually failed with: "telnet protocol error:" :( So I'm sending this via my Windows mail client. Is it possible to setup and test the Squeak mail editor separately?
  7.  An observation: when attaching a file the Squeak mail editor won't show or notify whether the attachment has been attached. The only clue you get is when you press "remove attachment": it lists the attachments.

I'd like to use the Inbox Talk as my main tool so I may be back with more feedback :)

Thanks a lot!!


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