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Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Wed Nov 3 21:45:17 UTC 2021

Hi Edwin and all--

      I write croquet.io apps[1]. It seems built for ubiquity, and a 
good way of achieving that is by using JS and the current Web platform. 
As Vanessa shows with the SqueakJS project[2], we can do very effective 
livecoding on the Web with Squeak.

      In my Caffeine project[3], I've been doing mashups of SqueakJS 
with many other Web and JS frameworks, including croquet.io. I think 
Squeak apps are clearly viable here.

      tim writes:

 > Only faintly related, but has anyone done any experimenting with
 > driving the morphic.js stuff[4] the Jens produced for Snap?

      Yes, I've been using a Caffeine and morphic.js mashup of mine 
since 2017, as one of several proofs of concept for alternate Squeak UIs 
on the Web (the others being one Squeak morph per HTML canvas, pure HTML 
DOM, VueJS, and A-Frame WebXR with one Squeak morph per composited 
stereo 3D surface; see [5] for details, and [6] for a whirlwind tour of 
several Caffeine things).

      It works, and it's fast.


[1] https://croquet.io
[2] https://squeak.js.org
[3] https://caffeine.js.org
[4] https://github.com/jmoenig/morphic.js
[5] https://thiscontext.com/2017/06/28/a-faster-morphic-with-morphic-js
[6] https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/286872152


      On 3 November 2021 at 12:39 pacific time, Edwin Ancaer wrote:

 > Hello,
 > seeing the publicity about Meta made me think about Croquet. And I
 > wondered, what the reason is that a new Croquet is build with
 > Javascript, and not with Smalltalk?
 > I suppose that, for commercial use, Javascript and a Web Browser offer a
 > larger audience than Smalltalk. But might there be other reasons,
 > inherent to Smalltalk or Javascript?
 > I always bigmouthed my colleagues at work about the the x-times more
 > productive claims from Smalltalk, so now I have to find a good
 > explanation, or remain the laughing stock for the weeks to come.....
 > Help please...😕

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