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Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Thu Nov 4 03:50:53 UTC 2021

Hi tim--

 > What I'm not sure about is whether it is all SqueakJS or not; what I'm
 > interested in is driving it from a cog vm. I *think* maybe your blog
 > talks about that but I can't be sure.

      I wrote a separate thing called Snowglobe that turns a web browser 
into a remote display for any other Squeak (with bi-directional remote 
control of the host OSes and web browsers via remote messaging thrown in 
for good measure). Separate blog post, too[1].

      The morphic.js integration I've done so far is SqueakJS using its 
JS bridge to send messages to morphic.js objects (including setting up 
DOM event handlers, which send messages back to Squeak objects). It's 
all happening in the same web browser address space. One could combine 
this with Snowglobe to control morphic.js from a Squeak running on Cog. 
One could just run the whole app in the web browser, too.

 > It's really just a thought about making interesting UIs on the web,
 > more than just regular text fields, lists, buttons, images.

      Yeah, that's the fun thing about drawing on HTML canvases from 
SqueakJS... You can draw anything you want! And with WebXR, it can be in 
stereo 3D, with full rotation and positioning of the observer and 
everything it sees. Morphic.js uses the same drawing techniques, but has 
a nicely-constrained agenda (in 2D).


[1] https://thiscontext.com/2016/10/31/app-streaming-with-snowglobe

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