[squeak-dev] Merge Request: deprecateExceptions.1.cs

christoph.thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de christoph.thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sun Nov 7 15:46:00 UTC 2021

=============== Summary ===============

Change Set:		deprecateExceptions
Date:			7 November 2021
Author:			Christoph Thiede

This change set cleans up several unused exceptions. The classes Abort and ExceptionAboutToReturn are deleted. The classes EndOfStream, FontSubstitutionDuringLoading, NanError, and UndeclaredVariableReference are deprecated.
See http://forum.world.st/Dead-exceptions-td5121827.html.
(Finally! This tab has been waiting in my browser for me for almost 14 months...)

=============== Diff ===============

Abort (removed)
- Exception subclass: #Abort
- 	instanceVariableNames: ''
- 	classVariableNames: ''
- 	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'System-Exceptions'
- Abort class 
- 	instanceVariableNames: ''
- ""

ChangeSet>>fileOutOn: {fileIn/Out} · ct 11/7/2021 16:44 (changed)
fileOutOn: stream 
	"Write out all the changes the receiver knows about"

	| classList traits classes traitList list |
	(self isEmpty and: [stream isKindOf: FileStream])
		ifTrue: [self inform: 'Warning: no changes to file out'].
- 	traits := self changedClasses reject: [:each | each isBehavior].
+ 	traits := self changedClasses select: [:each | each isTrait].
	classes := self changedClasses select: [:each | each isBehavior].
	traitList := self class traitsOrder: traits asOrderedCollection.
	classList := self class superclassOrder: classes asOrderedCollection.
	list := OrderedCollection new
		addAll: traitList;
		addAll: classList;
	"First put out rename, max classDef and comment changes."
	list do: [:aClass | self fileOutClassDefinition: aClass on: stream].

	"Then put out all the method changes"
	list do: [:aClass | self fileOutChangesFor: aClass on: stream].

	"Finally put out removals, final class defs and reorganization if any"
	list reverseDo: [:aClass | self fileOutPSFor: aClass on: stream].

	self classRemoves sort do:
		[:aClassName | stream nextChunkPut: 'Smalltalk removeClassNamed: #', aClassName; cr].

EndOfStream (changed)
Error subclass: #EndOfStream
	instanceVariableNames: ''
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'Collections-Exceptions'
+ 	category: '60Deprecated-Collections-Exceptions'

EndOfStream class 
	instanceVariableNames: ''

"Signalled when ReadStream>>next encounters a premature end."

ExceptionAboutToReturn (removed)
- Notification subclass: #ExceptionAboutToReturn
- 	instanceVariableNames: ''
- 	classVariableNames: ''
- 	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'Kernel-Exceptions-Kernel'
- ExceptionAboutToReturn class 
- 	instanceVariableNames: ''
- ""

FontSubstitutionDuringLoading (changed)
Notification subclass: #FontSubstitutionDuringLoading
	instanceVariableNames: 'familyName pixelSize'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'Etoys-Squeakland-System-Support'
+ 	category: '60Deprecated-Etoys-Squeakland-System-Support'

FontSubstitutionDuringLoading class 
	instanceVariableNames: ''

"signaled by font loading code when reading a DiskProxy that calls for a missing font."

NaNError (changed)
ArithmeticError subclass: #NaNError
	instanceVariableNames: ''
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'Kernel-Numbers-Exceptions'
+ 	category: '60Deprecated-Kernel-Numbers-Exceptions'

NaNError class 
	instanceVariableNames: ''

"NaNError is signaled by various operations that would either result in or operate on an NaN input."

UndeclaredVariableReference (changed)
Notification subclass: #UndeclaredVariableReference
	instanceVariableNames: 'parser varName varStart varEnd'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
- 	category: 'Compiler-Support'
+ 	category: '60Deprecated-Compiler-Support'

UndeclaredVariableReference class 
	instanceVariableNames: ''


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