[squeak-dev] Default preferences

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Nov 22 23:13:33 UTC 2021

>> 1. Windowing
>> Personally, the first thing I do in every new image is to enable these prefs:
>> "mouse over for keyboard focus", "open tools attached to mouse cursor", "windows' contents are always active".
>> Do I belong to a minority of Squeakers or could we satisfy a majority of Squeakers by turning on these prefs by default?

Well *I* wouldn't be happy with them but then I immediately load my prefs file anyway so maybe I wouldn't even notice.

> For myself I'd add "Embed a Transcript in a Workspace" because I use and move both around the screen all the time; and frankly, since my first encounter with Squeak I always wondered why I have to open two tools, one of which has a totally nuts name, in order to be able to print "Hello" ;) 

But a Transcript is fundamentally different to a Workspace; the former is for the system to tell you what is going on, not for scribbling notes.

>> 4. Editing
>> - Auto enclose brackets -> #beforeSpaces (see [1], pending. Inserting a bracket pair () right before a character just feels pretty useless to me.)
>> - Enclose selection with brackets -> true

Again, very not OK for me. 

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