[squeak-dev] Liscense politeness question regarding TerseGuide

Jakob Reschke jakres+squeak at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 10:24:41 UTC 2021

Hi Timothy,

The first question should be how the text is licensed to Squeak. I
hope Chris Rathman has agreed to release it under an MIT license,
otherwise there should either be an extra license statement for it in
Squeak or the guide would have had to be dropped from Squeak.

If the guide is licensed under an MIT license, you must determine the
copyright statement. On https://squeak.org/license/ it says "Copyright
(c) 1996-2021 The individual, corporate, and institutional
contributors who have collectively contributed elements to this
software ("The Squeak Community")." Did Chris Rathman agree that this
statement subsumes his copyright to the guide?

Anyway, since the guide has been changed in Squeak since its
inception, you must include the license terms and copyright statement
of the The Squeak Community above as demanded in the MIT license:
"Permission is hereby granted, [...] subject to the following
conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice
shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the

If Chris Rathman has not agreed that his name disappears under the
"Squeak Community" collective, both you and Squeak should reproduce
his original copyright statement with year and his name from his
license grant (assuming that it is MIT, otherwise other terms and
conditions may apply).

This is only how I understand how things work, I am not a lawyer.

@Oversight Board: Do I assume correctly that you are the keepers of
the legalese and statements regarding the past license shift of
Squeak? Maybe you can give a definitive answer.

I found one email from the recent years about this subject:

For what it is worth, Chris Rathman is not listed as a contributor in
the "About Squeak" tool. Maybe he did not put his guide into Squeak

Kind regards,

Am Do., 25. Nov. 2021 um 16:26 Uhr schrieb gettimothy via Squeak-dev
<squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org>:
> Hi Folks
> I am doing a side-project of adding items to the TerseGuideHelp as I putter along.
> https://github.com/gettimothy/Doc-TerseGuide/blob/main/TerseGuideHelp.md
> After I created a github  project using the MIT liscence that Squeak uses (right?)
> After I , I noticed the License to Chris Rathman in the content.
> Have I done something wrong?
> If so, what should I do to make it right?
> I want to do the right thing, but all that legal mumbo-jumbo makes me mumble.
> cordially,

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