[squeak-dev] Unsaved text lost when pressing Ctrl+Page Down

Jakob Reschke forums.jakob at resfarm.de
Sun Nov 28 17:39:20 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I just lost half an hour of method changes by accidentally hitting
Ctrl+PgDown (the PgDown key is directly adjacent to the right arrow
key on my compact keyboard). There was no prompt or warning about
"Changes have not been saved", it is just gone.

1) What is the intended effect of Ctrl+PgDown? (Note that I am not
asking about Cmd+PgDown, which does not seem to be any different than
just PgDown, scrolling and taking the cursor with it.) I could not
find it in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" from the Help menu. The observable
effect is the same as Cmd+l (cancel).
2) Should it not ask with the usual popup dialog whether it is ok to
lose the changes?

Windows 10, Trunk image, last updated one or two weeks ago.
Map CONTROL keys to COMMAND keys: enabled.
Map ASCII control characters to printable characters: enabled.
Map ALT keys to OPTION keys: enabled.

Kind regards,

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