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Mon Nov 29 16:40:13 UTC 2021

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-mt.1078
Author: mt
Time: 29 November 2021, 5:40:09.040615 pm
UUID: c2a87084-33a1-4a59-ac39-4b74a4035f8e
Ancestors: Tools-pre.1077

In workspaces, fixes minor issue with how #fileDirectory and #windowTitle are stored.

Thanks to Christoph (ct) for pointing this out.

=============== Diff against Tools-pre.1077 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Workspace>>fileDirectory (in category 'accessing') -----
  	"Answer the current directory for save-contents requests."
+ 	^ (self valueOfProperty: #fileDirectory) ifNil: [FileDirectory default]!
- 	^ self valueOfProperty: #fileDirectory ifAbsent: [FileDirectory default]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Workspace>>windowTitle (in category 'accessing') -----
+ 	^ (self valueOfProperty: #windowTitle) ifNil: ['Workspace']!
- 	^ self valueOfProperty: #windowTitle ifAbsent: ['Workspace']!

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