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Hi all,

> [...] to improve the initial experience for new Squeakers even more!

I'm still a beginner and for me the default preferences were fine as far as my initial impression :) And I'm still happy with the default ones (except 1 or 2). So Preferences were not my (beginner's) main problem; for a beginner, the whole Smalltalk and the OOP concept is a challenge :) (Other story may be new customers/users looking for an alternative; I'm not referring to this scenario).

So, for example, I'd greatly appreciate a tool to help a beginner develop an intuition about objects (I chose Squeak to study OOP); an object is usually defined as an entity with some states (variables) and capabilities (methods). However, no tool displays this simple concept all in one window!

Inspector shows just the states, Browsers just the methods. I recently came across Inspector Browser, which combines Inspector and Browser, but it's still not enough: for example, you get no visual clue that the object has access not only to its methods, but also to the methods of its superclasses.

I enclose a screenshot of what I'd fancy as such Object Inspector :)

So my suggestion would be to offer such kind of tool(s) to beginners and promote it maybe via the Wizzard or a preference.


  --    Jaromir

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On 2021-11-30T12:49:04+01:00, marcel.taeumel at hpi.de wrote:

> Hi Herbert, Hi StC)phane --
> >B I was blown away by 'TheB Worlds of Squeak', which came right within the default image.
> Thanks to Christoph's efforts in rescuing "TheB Worlds of Squeak", we can have such a presentation in the next release -- without compromising much of the current level of "seriousness" :-)
> Best,
> Marcel
> Am 30.11.2021 10:16:31 schrieb Herbert KC6nig <herbertkoenig at gmx.net>:
> Am 30.11.2021 um 09:17 schrieb StC)phane Rollandin:
> > A long time ago, when I first discoverd Squeak, I was blown away by
> > 'The Worlds of Squeak', which came right within the default image.
> > Nowadays we just get a grey background with a welcome window. If it is
> > for the sake of 'seriousness' well I think it is seriously misguided.
> >
> Same here. Blown away by 'The Worlds of Squeak' (still have a 3.6 image)
> and I think the same about the 'seriousness'.
> Cheers,
> Herbert
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