[squeak-dev] Morhpic team, whaddya think....Terse Guide To Morphic ?

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Oct 9 10:56:52 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

I put a couple of HOWTOS up on   https://github.com/gettimothy/Org-SqueakHOWTO/blob/master/SqueakHOWTO.md  related to morphic, that I use a lot and that I hate having to dig around for, now they are in-image and available in in-image CustomHelp as SqueakHOWTOHelp.

That said, I bet  you on the Morphic team have a lot of neat things that most people have no clue of, so, if you think it is a good idea, I can create a TerseTuideToMorphic  up on github and

you can either do the git stuff or just email the board with some subject line and I will add them for your. In minutes, the Help will be up on squeaksource/Doc  (or we can create another repo)

The contributions can work two ways....

If you want to make them in the Help classes directly, I can pull them and output them, merge them into the github and back to the main repo.

"Someday" this may all be automated.



p.s. TerseGuideToMorphic sounds like a fun thing to poke around, just like the original TerseGuide continues to be.

p.p.s  TerseGuideToDesignPatterns (or another name) for common constructs that newbies have trouble finding in smalltalk.  The Try-Catch-Finally being Do-onError-Ensure  ...that sort of stuff.
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