[squeak-dev] reason why HelpBrowser does not respect page order on display?

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Oct 9 19:04:40 UTC 2021

Hi Folks,

I just noticed that HelpBrowser does not respect the page order, but rather, places subclasses at the bottom and methods at the top.

pages  ^  #( todo LevelTwoHelp bibliography )

I am hoping to see 

page: todo.

book: LevelTwoHelp

page: bibliography.

instead I see


page bibliography

book: LevelTwoHelp

Can this be overridden? Is there a reason I am not aware of?

The reason, is that I would like the HelpBrowser to respect the ordering in the Org (soon to be Markdown) files so that round-trip import-exports are consistent.

Here is the .org snippet in question: (You can see Bibliography page is after Level Two Help

*  Doc Test Document Help

I need to get this text to show up. put it in a comment and store retrieve it?

yes, this is how SqueakCorePackagesHelp does it.

** Todo

     [[My Bibliography][Bibliography]]


   1. [ ] get level one headlines content showing up

   2. [ ] add org links to the parser grammar.

   3. [ ] figure out and document a heuristic on handling headline levels

   4. [ ] figure out a heuristic (factory next-page-name ) for page names and Help class names

   5. [ ]ditch the bracket convention for pages and classes. use heuristics

   6. [ ] uncomplete todo item

   7. [X] complete todo item



    + [[link][description] or [[link]

      + use Org->Hyperlinks->literal  to see links as they are while still preserving the linkyness of em.

      + C-c C-o to follow

      + C-c & to return

      + C-c C-l with the cursor on the links prompts for editing

      + <BACKSPACE> after a bracket will remove the bracket exposing the links structure

    + [[Bibliography][Bibliography]]



** Level Two

level 2  headlines can be a page or a class

*** Level Three

level 3 headlines can be a page or a class

** Bibliography



In the above, Level Two resolves into its own HelpClass because it has sub-pages (which resolve into either methods or subclasses...which...)
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