[squeak-dev] inter-image communication and queueing suggestions?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Fri Oct 15 08:16:35 UTC 2021

Hi Timothy --

If it is just a text stream, use sockets. If it is a data/byte stream ... well ... I am not sure whether the byte interpretation for structured objects is still compatible between Pharo and Squeak.

Maybe you could also use a file and two file streams, a writer in Pharo and a reader in Squeak, as intermediary ...

Am 14.10.2021 15:24:23 schrieb gettimothy via Squeak-dev <squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org>:
Hi Folks,

I have used ApacheMQ(?) and Stomp in squeak to communicate between squeak and a C++ application, it worked well, but I would like to avoid this for my project.

What I (will) have is a pharo image that will parse a large XML document for me (squeak has FileSystem incompatabilities that SAXHandler etc need)  .

During a SAXHandler callback, I want to kick this to an image that will parse some data using a PEG grammar I wrote and that needs some automated testing to perfect.

Communication  I would like is  pharo (sax) -> squeak(xtreams-parsing).

Some basic reading showed rST from about 2005? as a possibility as well as Nebraska,which I believe has been removed from Squeak several releases ago.

I have used neither of them.

If there is not a method I can make work, then I will do pharo(sax/stomp)->ApacheMQ->squeak(stomp/xtreams-parsing), but I prefer a pure smalltalk mechanism.

I still have a textbook of mpq(?) queues from a course I really enjoyed and pharo(sax)->squeak(queueing)->squeak(xtreams-parsing) would be really cool.

thx in advance.

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