[squeak-dev] PrimitiveFailed: #growMemoryByAtLeast: in SmalltalkImage failed.

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Oct 16 10:49:58 UTC 2021

Hi Folks,

Because of FileSystem incompats, I am attempting a SAXParser parse of a 73Gb file by running this on pharo:


t :=  [[(DocDemoSaxHandler on:('/bulkstorage/enwiki-20200501-pages-articles-multistream.xml' asFileReference))  optimizeForLargeDocuments;parseDocument] forkAt:Processor lowIOPriority named:'SAX'] timeToRun.

t inspect.

I am posting here as I am betting that this sort of thing can be common to any platform.

My goal is to see how long this parse will take.

I do not need the data in-image.

During the SAXParse, when I hit a certain Element (or two) , I will be taking those element contents and sending them via network connection to a PEGParser running on Squeak with XTreams.

So, on the SAXParser side, I just need...

stream from 1 to X

send a portion of 1 to X Squeak on another image.

dispose of 1 to X.

Any pointers on how to approach this sort of problem are greatly appreciated.

Linux has the concept of routing to /dev/null to make stuff disappear.

I have never seen that concept in Smalltalk.


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