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Mon Oct 18 16:52:59 UTC 2021

A new version of ReleaseBuilder was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ReleaseBuilder-ct.218
Author: ct
Time: 18 October 2021, 6:52:58.424498 pm
UUID: 3be1c135-3855-684a-8565-43c9df907dde
Ancestors: ReleaseBuilder-mt.216

Complements Monticello-ct.747 to fix the new "Image packages" report (cf. SystemReporter-mt.49).

=============== Diff against ReleaseBuilder-mt.216 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ReleaseBuilder class>>assureReleaseRepositoryReadAccess: (in category 'manual') -----
  assureReleaseRepositoryReadAccess: repo
  	self releaseLocally ifTrue: [
  		(FileDirectory on: repo description) assureExistence.
  		^ true].
+ 	[repo allFileNames] on: NetworkError, NotFound do: [
- 	[repo allFileNames] on: NetworkError do: [
  			inform: ('Release Builder - Manual Step Required\\Please create the release repository:\{1}\...and ensure that you have global read access to it.' withCRs
  				format: {repo description}).
  		^ false].
  	^ true!

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