[squeak-dev] Can I create a 75 Gb Image?

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Mon Oct 18 17:20:03 UTC 2021

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> I have no clue on what happens regarding memory/disk. That the entire Smalltalk image runs in memory is a completely new concept to me.

That's how it works. The image file is simply a memory dump of the working Smalltalk system. Any paging out is left to the OS and whatever virtual memory system it might use. You just need to get access to a Mac Pro with a full 1.5Tb of ram installed.

> My perception was that the image was "storage and initial state" and , like a db, the stuff resides on disk to be referenced and pulled into memory when needed.

You may want to explore GemTalk - https://gemtalksystems.com That does objects in a database quite well. In ancient days when RAM cost $995 for 64Kb there was OOZE (which you can read about online - googling 'smalltalk ooze' seems to offer plenty, http://c2.com/wiki/remodel/?OopAcronym is a good start)

> I was really hoping to deal with just objects as the geek in me thinks that would be totally cool.

You objects have to be somewhere and connected to other objects in their ecosystem; that's what the object space is all about. 

> I will be sidelined for several days. I have a job interview--pure smalltalk--with Dolphin, VisualWorks(?) and a port to pharo coming up and I need to install and study Dolphin and do the mooc on pharo in prep.

Good luck with the interview; always good to hear of people getting proper Smalltalk jobs.

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