[squeak-dev] Code formatting (was Re: The Trunk: Morphic-eem.1784.mcz)

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Tue Oct 26 22:22:31 UTC 2021

Hi Christoph--

 > Craig, you are expressing exactly what I was feeling! IMHO serious
 > development deverses [?] to happen on a higher level of code artifacts
 > than strings. But the level of this artifact type needs to be chosen
 > with caution; for example, blank lines and the position of comments
 > matter, which is why CompiledMethods would be too abstract.

      I had no other artifacts in mind. I just know that when a method's 
source code is about to get displayed anywhere, it's feasible to format 
it according to the reader's preferences. We can make the formatting of 
the stored source code irrelevant (e.g., just leave it however the 
author wrote it).



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