[squeak-dev] trying to upload minor change to PostgresV3Help...guess I do not have permission

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Sep 4 18:09:13 UTC 2021

Hi Folks,

I made a minor change in PostgresV3Help.

I tried to copy up my local repository version to upgrade the tty.5 version on the remote repo

Name: PostgresV3-Help-tty.6

Author: tty

Time: 4 September 2021, 2:00:49.403572 pm

UUID: dab5f4b6-7f30-467c-ae05-8ce3e6c8b1f7

Ancestors: PostgresV3-Help-tty.5

Removed PostgresV3HelpForumPosts from PostgresV3Help->pages.

The Help mechanism will pick it up normally as it is part of the subclass tree of PostgresV3Help.

Having it in pages was a redundancy.

It is a very small change if anybody with write permission cares to make it. Just navigate to PostgresV3Help class side -> pages and remove theĀ PostgresV3HelpForumPosts entry from the collection.

It is redundant to have it there as the Help system automagically picks up the class tree containing it.


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