[squeak-dev] C standard library not available. Please check module name in preferences.

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sun Sep 5 15:37:40 UTC 2021


Thanks for the advice.

I did as you suggested.

Runing squeak.sh I just noticed the following in the xterm from which I launced it:

/usr/lib64/libc.so tryLoading //usr/lib64/libc.so: dlopen: //usr/lib64/libc.so: invalid ELF header

I have no idea 

I removed the leading '/'  due to the dlopen: //  message, but same result  different output.

usr/lib64/libc.so tryLoading /usr/lib64/libc.so: dlopen: /usr/lib64/libc.so: invalid ELF header


---- On Sun, 05 Sep 2021 10:27:57 -0400 Marcel Taeumel <mailto:marcel.taeumel at hpi.de> wrote ----

Hmm... you might want to try a fully qualified path? At least that's required in Ubuntu ... if you have an idea on how to improve CStandardLibrary class >> #guessModuleName, feel free to share it here. :-)

Do other libraries load through FFI?



Am 01.09.2021 20:11:13 schrieb gettimothy via Squeak-dev <mailto:squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org>:

I forgot to mention that I changed the entry in Preferences -> FFI Libraries  -> C runtime/standard library (aka.CRT and libc)  from the original libc.so.6 to my systems' libc.soC standard library not available. Please check module name in preferences.

ls /usr/lib64/libc.*

/usr/lib64/libc.a  /usr/lib64/libc.s


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Hi folks

I downloaded the latest Squeak from trunk (looking good btw, and very fast)

After installation and adding the options in the wizard, I am getting:

C standard library not available. Please check module name in preferences.

Error: External module not found

I am running Slackware Linux 64. Slackware has an oddity about it in that the core libraries are in /lib64 instead of /lib in case you suspect its a path issue.

About Squeak stuff follows:





latest update: #20611

Current Change Set: HomeProject

Image format 68021 (64 bit)

Preferred bytecode set: SistaV1

Virtual Machine



Open Smalltalk Cog[Spur] VM [CoInterpreterPrimitives VMMaker.oscog-nice.2715]

Unix built on Mar  3 2020 08:27:09 Compiler: 4.2.1 Compatible Clang 7.0.0 (tags/RELEASE_700/final)

platform sources revision VM: 202003021730 https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm.git Date: Mon Mar 2 18:30:55 2020 CommitHash: 6a0bc96 Plugins: 202003021730 https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm.git

CoInterpreter VMMaker.oscog-nice.2715 uuid: 78e2f556-9829-42fe-963d-e19dfc43c0e9 Mar  3 2020

StackToRegisterMappingCogit VMMaker.oscog-eem.2719 uuid: e40f3e94-3a54-411b-9613-5d19114ea131 Mar  3 2020

To Build A Similar Virtual Machine


Visit https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm; follow the

"Clone or download" instructions, then read the top-level README.md

and HowToBuild files in the top-level build directory for your

platform(s), build.macos64x64/HowToBuild, build.win32x86/HowToBuild, etc.

Virtual Machine Commandline Options


#1	-encoding

#2	UTF-8

#3	-vm-sound-pulse

#4	/home/wm/usr/src/smalltalk/SqueakBooks/shared/Squeak6.0alpha-20582-64bit.image

Loaded VM Modules


B2DPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2719 (i)

BitBltPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2719 (i)

CroquetPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)

FilePlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)

FloatArrayPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)

LargeIntegers v2.0 VMMaker.oscog-eem.2719 (i)

Matrix2x3Plugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)

MiscPrimitivePlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2692 (i)

SecurityPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)

SocketPlugin VMMaker.oscog-eem.2673 (i)


SurfacePlugin Mar  3 2020 (i)

UnixOSProcessPlugin VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin.oscog-dtl.66 (e)

Operating System/Hardware


unix linux-gnu x86_64

thx in advance.
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