[squeak-dev] On the bright side of Parsing....

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Thu Sep 9 17:43:29 UTC 2021

The Parse of the PostgresV3Help output used as input seems to have parsed..

here are the subtopics of the root HelpTopic

an OrderedCollection(a HelpTopic<Overview> a HelpTopic<PostgresV3-Core> a HelpTopic<PostgresV3-Pool (depends on Core)> a HelpTopic<PostgresV3-CodeMirror (depends on Core and Pool)> a HelpTopic<PostgresV3-Objects (Deprecated)> a HelpTopic<Standard Usage Pattern> a HelpTopic<API Reference> a HelpTopic<Examples> a HelpTopic<Bibliography>)

and the root:

a HelpTopic<PostgresV3>

and the "Overview" content looks good.


We''ve uploaded the latest version to the squeaksource repository in two forms: as a single package, and as multiple separate packages.




The single package version will not be updated anymore. The multi-package version consists of the following:


This is basically the implementation of the protocol. It enables one to create connections and execute text queries.

PostgresV3-Pool (depends on Core):

This is an implementation of a connection pool. We always use it when we''re connecting to a database. It also gives support for easy transaction handling.

PostgresV3-CodeMirror (depends on Core and Pool):

This is a set of high level tools which we use most of the time. It allows one to map Postgresql functions to Smalltalk methods. One can load, edit and save selected functions of a schema from a class browser. Invoking the smalltalk methods will result in calling the Postgresql functions. This tool has some limitations: only plpgsql functions are supported, some flags can''t be specified (e.g. security definer), no support for inout/out parameters, the return type has to be refcursor, or a basic type.


This is the old way to map rows to objects and cache them. We don''t use it anymore in new projects. The Core has support for custom rowClass per query (you can define what class should be instantiated for the rows returned by the query), which provides better row-object mapping.

We use it daily in our projects, and I would say it''s pretty stable.


So now I have to review the HelpOnHelp to see if it will automagically create it for me.

I doubt it though, as I hijacked the HelpTopic class during the parse.

For example, I put the page selector inside brackets on the title and stash it in the 'key' 

subtopics are the both methods I have to create or subclasses I have to create.

So I doubt it will work.


btw, the impetus for this that I have to learn that big ole XML package next and I will have to keep notes and I want a mechanism where my Org notes translate seamlessly <ahem> (a HelpTopic<~<>@%|&?>))!)  </ahem>  into image CustomHelp.

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