[squeak-dev] Interactive documentation used to create the CustomHelp and develop at the same time

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Sep 11 15:26:02 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

This is really cool.

Although I can view the parsed HelpTopics in the Help Browser, the structure is not correct. 

I just have a tree of HelpTopics...not CustomHelp with pages or selectors is created.


Here is my "todo" for this in Org mode markup (which I use all the time)

*  My Development Help  [DevHelp]

**  Overview [introduction]


I need a class named DevHelp which is a subclass of CustomHelp

Its class side methods will be..

   bookName 'My Development Help'

   pages selector will return

   ^ #(one two)

   for each entry in pages I will

   have a method that has the content for that page (currently in a HelpTopic somewhere?)

A subclass of DevHelp will be DevBibliography

   bookName 'Bibliography'

   pages selector will return

   ^ #(bib notes)

   selectors for each will be created and th content for that "page" will be inserted to that method.

***  page one [one]


page one 

make sure we strip out the example stuff


***  page two [two]


page two.

I have to strip out the example stuff


**  Bibliography [DevBibliography]

***  Bibliography [bib]

    bib content

***  Bibliography [notes]

   notes content

I then run:

DocOrgToCustomHelp viewFromFileChooser.

and I see that structure as a tree of Pages and Books.

So, As I develop, I can keep my notes as I go and then view it immediately after the parse.

This should be very doable from a workspace, but I like Emacs...


p.s. just saw a mistake in my opening paragraph...so, edit, repeat, code go...
Its almost live Help coding with only content and markup.
cheers again.
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