[squeak-dev] request help compiling a method for a HelpTopic.

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Sep 11 20:51:16 UTC 2021

Hi folks.

I am trying to get this text below

DocOrgToX is a set of Squeak Doc classes used to convert between CustomHelp to Markup and back again.

The DocCustomHelpToOrg and DocOrgToCustomHelp classes convert from CustomHelp to Org and back again.



    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Doc'

    user: 'tty'

    password: ''


into a string that I can use to create a method that returns a HelpTopic with that string above as its contents.


title: 'Overview'

contents: ' that problematic string above goes here'.

The method will return that above

'{1} ^HelpTopic	title: ' , ' {2}' ,  ' contents: ' , '{3}'  format: (Array with: 'overview '  with: ('My Overview' surroundedBySingleQuotes)  with: ('That problematic string above' surroundedBySingleQuotes)).

will give me a method to compile:


title: 'My Overview'

contents: ' that problematic string above goes here'.

I have tried a bunch of stuff with Streams and String methods and I keep getting compile errors around that problematic string.

thx in advance.
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