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Thu Apr 7 15:57:06 UTC 2022

A new version of SystemReporter was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: SystemReporter-ct.62
Author: ct
Time: 7 April 2022, 5:57:05.904555 pm
UUID: 9807e6b3-6613-374c-ab14-5f055f8e750d
Ancestors: SystemReporter-ct.61

Fixes "image locale" report when the new preference for compressed sources is turned on.

=============== Diff against SystemReporter-ct.61 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemReporter>>reportImageLocale: (in category 'reporting') -----
  reportImageLocale: aStream
  	| imageLocale platformLocale |
  	imageLocale := Locale current.
  	platformLocale := Locale currentPlatform.
  	self header: 'Image Locale Information' on: aStream.
  		nextPutAll: '   Locale ID: ', imageLocale localeID; cr;
  		nextPutAll: '  Translator: ', imageLocale languageTranslator; cr;
  		nextPutAll: ' Environment: ', imageLocale languageEnvironment class; nextPutAll: ' (see languages below)'; cr;
  		nextPutAll: 'Leading char: ', imageLocale leadingChar; nextPutAll: ' (ie. tag in characters)'; cr.
  	aStream cr.
  	self header: 'Image Default Language(s)' on: aStream.
  		nextPutAll: (imageLocale languageEnvironment class supportedLanguageNames sorted joinSeparatedBy: ', '); cr;
  		cr; nextPutAll: '(These languages belong to the same category when Squeak uses the environment or leading char above to derive rules for language-specific text composition and display. Strings are not limited to this default. See LanguageEnvironment and its subclasses.)'; cr.
  	aStream cr.
  	self header: 'Data Interpretation and Conversion' on: aStream.
+ 		nextPutAll: '   Source code: ',
+ 			(SourceFiles
+ 				"Some source files, e.g., CompressedSources, do not have a converter"
+ 				detect: [:file | file respondsTo: #converter]
+ 				ifFound: [:file | file converter class]
+ 				ifNone: ['(none)' translated]);
+ 		nextPutAll: ' (ie. .sources .changes .cs .st)'; cr;
- 		nextPutAll: '   Source code: ', SourceFiles anyOne converter class; nextPutAll: ' (ie. .sources .changes .cs .st)'; cr;
  		nextPutAll: ' Platform data: ',  platformLocale systemConverter class; nextPutAll: ' (aka. #systemConverter)'; cr;
  		nextPutAll: '    File names: ',  platformLocale fileNameConverter class; nextPutAll: ' (ie. no content but paths)'; cr;
  		nextPutAll: '    User input: ', platformLocale inputInterpreter class; cr;
  		nextPutAll: 'Clipboard data: ', platformLocale clipboardInterpreter class; cr.
  	aStream cr.
  	self header: 'Platform Locale Information' on: aStream.
  		nextPutAll: '          Locale ID: ', platformLocale localeID; cr;
  		nextPutAll: '    Currency symbol: ', platformLocale fetchCurrencySymbol;
  			nextPutAll: (platformLocale primCurrencyNotation ifTrue: ['  (prefix)'] ifFalse: [' (postfix)']); cr;
  		nextPutAll: ('            Numbers: 1{1}234{2}56'
  			format: { platformLocale primDigitGrouping. platformLocale primDecimalSymbol}); cr;
  		nextPutAll: '        Measurement: ', (platformLocale primMeasurement ifTrue: ['metric'] ifFalse: ['imperial']); cr;
  		nextPutAll: '           Timezone: UTC', (platformLocale primTimezone >= 0 ifTrue: ['+']), (platformLocale primTimezone / 60); 
  			nextPutAll: (platformLocale primDST ifTrue: [' (daylight saving time)'] ifFalse: ['']); cr;
  		nextPutAll: '        Time format: ', platformLocale primTimeFormat; cr;
  		nextPutAll: '(Short) Date format: ', platformLocale primShortDateFormat; cr; 
  		nextPutAll: ' (Long) Date format: ', platformLocale primLongDateFormat; cr; 

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