[squeak-dev] OSProcess endless loop

David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 07:58:23 UTC 2022

I have also had the mysteriously-sometimes-resolving "aio event forwarding
not supported" thing when working with OSProcess in Trunk, although I
haven't tried it in a few months.

On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 1:50 AM Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de>

> Hi Chris --
> Didn't we fix some AIO related stuff in the OSVM?
> https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/releases/download/latest-build/squeak.cog.spur_linux64x64.tar.gz
> Best,
> Marcel
> Am 14.04.2022 04:37:45 schrieb Chris Muller <ma.chris.m at gmail.com>:
> Hi Dave,
> I've been having occasional issues with OSProcess somehow getting
> hosed up and becoming unusable in my image. Tonight it started again,
> and I'm rather stuck in the water at the moment, unsure how to break
> out of it other than building a new image.
> Magma now uses OSProcess "outputOf: 'free -wb'" every few seconds to
> get ahead of any potential OutOfMemory signals. But somehow my image
> got into a state where the simplest uses of OSProcess lock up.
> Whenever it happens, I see these messages in the console:
> 364147968:982663168:[] in
> AioEventHandler>>initializeForExceptions:readEvents:writeEvents::aio
> event forwarding not supported
> 364147968:37728768:[] in
> AioEventHandler>>initializeForExceptions:readEvents:writeEvents::aio
> event forwarding not supported
> From my feeble debugging, it seems #primRead:into:startingAt:count: is
> returning a 0 count, which is what leads to OSProcess's
> logic-flow to never be able to break out of the while loop in
> BufferedAsyncFileReadStream>>#upToEndOfFile. Here's a rough stack
> trace of that loop:
> BufferedAsyncFileReadStream>>#upToEndOfFile
> BufferedAsyncFileReadStream>>#atEndOfFile
> (readBuffer atEnd = true, OSProcess accessor isAtEndOfFile:
> fileID returns false)
> BufferedAsyncFileReadStream>>#readAvailableDataFrom:into:
> primRead:into:startingAt:count: (---> answers 0)
> OSProcessAccessor>>#isAtEndOfFile: (---> answers false)
> (restart loop in BufferedAsyncFileReadStream>>#upToEndOfFile)
> It would be nice if OSProcess could detect this situation and signal
> some kind of error. With the endless loop, it sometimes takes a while
> to get to the bottom of why something isn't responsive.
> I'm running production 5.3 with the latest OSProcess and CommandShell.
> I thought it might be a resource issue on my laptop, but rebooting
> didn't help. Rebuilding from fresh 5.3 image always works, however,
> the weirdest thing is, the problem seems to clear ITSELF up. Like,
> OMG, right now, it's working again! I had just run a test in a fresh
> image to test multiple processes hitting OSProcess outputOf:. It
> worked fine and when I came back to my problem image, it's suddenly
> working again!
> Can you think of anything I might be doing to get into this situation
> and/or how to break out of it? Something to avoid or initialize?
> The other thing I noticed, when I would break into the locked up
> OSProcess with Cmd+. (dot), there were TWO processes stuck
> in the loop, one from my DoIt, the other originating from the line:
> "self changed: #childProcessStatus"
> of #grimReaperProcess. Sigh.. I apparently already closed those
> debuggers and now can't reproduce the issue to paste their bug report
> stack traces! Sorry.
> I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this issue so we can
> hopefully track this down. It's insidious when it happens.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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