[squeak-dev] request for info: how many windows is a debugger flood

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Wed Apr 27 14:04:18 UTC 2022

Hi Lauren --

Hmm... time-based sampling does often not account for different users or platforms/performance. That means, if it does not *always* help, why should there be an extra watcher process? Can it ever be trusted? :-) Over the past years, I was tempted to install several kinds of watchers. The one for "detecting endless recursion" did not account for the way Metacello "treats" the stack. :-D

... maybe we can come up with a configurable watcher process. One that can check several rules at once. We could do all kinds of stack inspection or scene-graph queries and model checking ...

Anyway. Where do you experience a "debugger flood"? We should patch the situation instead. If we can do so.

Am 19.04.2022 00:22:41 schrieb Lauren Pullen <drurowin at gmail.com>:
Hi List,

I'm working on a patch to Debugger to recover from debug window
flooding. I need input on a couple numbers.

What is a good sampling window? I have it set at 3 seconds for testing,
but I'm thinking a 1 second window should be long enough if it's a
window a UI refresh.

What priority should I set the sampling process to? Right now I've got
it tied with the user interrupt handler (#lowIOPriority).

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