[squeak-dev] Feature request: halos reposition themselves after dragging Morph with meta/blue button (as they do with brown "move" bulb)

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Apr 28 12:48:58 UTC 2022

Hi Tim, hi Lauren --

Fixed/improved via Morphic-mt.1976.

The "move" handle goes a different path compared to that blue/meta click-drag:

HaloMorph >> #addDragHandle:
HaloMorph >> #addHandleAt:color:icon:on:send:to:
--> "handle on: #mouseUp send: #endInteraction: to: self."

MorphicHaloDispatcher >> #invokeHaloOrMove:on:
HaloMorph >> #startDragTarget:
HaloMorph >> #mouseUp:

So, the handle-interaction begins in the handle itself, which then delegates #endInteraction: to its owner (i.e., the halo). That meta/blue click-drag interaction origins in an event filter on PasteUpMorph (i.e., the Morphic world), which is then passed on to a target (i.e., a morph) and a (new) halo instance. In the former, a handle is involved. In the latter, no handle is involved.

#endInteraction: is a nice abstraction/interface. Maybe we could re-use the code of the "move" handle from within the MorphicHaloDispatcher and not call #startDragTarget: on the halo but really do the stuff that that "move" handle does. Hmmm... :-) Works for now.

Am 28.04.2022 07:46:49 schrieb Lauren Pullen <drurowin at gmail.com>:
On 4/28/22 04:37, Tim Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> If I drag a morph with "blue" mouse button ... or, in my case, while holding Alt/Option and dragging the morph (macOS) ... then the halos do not reposition themselves after the morph is dropped. So, if the Morph began life at the leftmost boundary of the world, this means it may look like this after dropping:
> If instead I:
> 1) opt-click (blue-click) once on the Morph, instead of click-hold dragging it, and thus
> 2) let the Halo appear, and then
> 3) move the morph using the brown "bulb"(?),
> then
> 4) when I drop the morph, the halo repositions itself nicely:
> My request is for the Halos to reposition themselves properly in the first case as well as the second...
> This is in #21644
Can reproduce in #21672.

Behaves identically to brown Move handle, except does not reposition
halo around bounding box. It seem repositioning happens when the halos
appear, but Alt-dragging leaves everything visible so that never happens.

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