[squeak-dev] proposal: MessageSend understands #homeMethod

Lauren Pullen drurowin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 05:55:54 UTC 2022

Hi List,

I think it makes sense that MessageSend understands #homeMethod (used in
the debug halo 'browse action code' command).

What I'm not sure about is what sorts of things might occur as a
MessageSend.  Obviously, SimpleServiceEntry uses it for buttons, but I'm
not sure how to best handle the dispatch in Smalltalk.  Obviously, this
included patch only works for services, so it seems of limited use.  How
would the list handle this?
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'From Squeak6.0alpha of 28 April 2022 [latest update: #21674] on 28 April 2022 at 11:36:20 pm'!

!MessageSend methodsFor: 'accessing' stamp: 'lrnp 4/28/2022 23:33'!
	"Compatibilty with Services"
	selector == #executeService:
		ifTrue: [^ (arguments at: 1) provider class lookupSelector: (arguments at: 1) selector].
	"act like previously"
	^ self doesNotUnderstand: #homeMethod! !

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