[squeak-dev] MessageSet useUnifiedMessageLabels preference not honored in RecentMessageSet

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Thu Aug 4 11:42:43 UTC 2022

Le 04/08/2022 à 12:40, Marcel Taeumel a écrit :
> Hi Stef --
> We cannot remove that method because Tim changed the OrderedCollection 
> to Set in 2020 in the superclass, which Eliot then fixed 
> RecentMessageSet to retain the incoming order.

Another idea: there is already a isOrdered test in 

We could just add a query to the class itself, like so:

	isOrdered := (anArray size > 1
		and: [anArray second isMethodReference]
		and: [anArray second stringVersion first = Character space]).
	isOrdered := isOrdered or: [self class isAlwaysOrdered]

and then implement #isAlwaysOrdered in MessageSet class (returning 
false) and in RecentMessageSet (returning true).


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