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Tue Aug 9 00:19:42 UTC 2022

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Sound to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sound-eem.91
Author: eem
Time: 8 August 2022, 5:19:40.710296 pm
UUID: 0396e865-eb12-410b-9fc7-cf7e62e48327
Ancestors: Sound-eem.90

Fix the length of WAV files produced by AbstractSound>>storeSampleCount:bigEndian:on:. The old code incorrectly rounded up the output size to the buffer size (2 * samplingRate).

=============== Diff against Sound-eem.90 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: AbstractSound>>storeSampleCount:bigEndian:on: (in category 'file i/o') -----
  storeSampleCount: samplesToStore bigEndian: bigEndianFlag on: aBinaryStream
  	"Store my samples on the given stream at the current SoundPlayer sampling rate. If bigFlag is true, then each 16-bit sample is stored most-significant byte first (AIFF files), otherwise it is stored least-significant byte first (WAV files). If self isStereo is true, both channels are stored, creating a stereo file. Otherwise, only the left channel is stored, creating a mono file."
  	| bufSize stereoBuffer reverseBytes streamDirect |
  	self reset.
  	bufSize := (2 * self samplingRate rounded) min: samplesToStore.  "two second buffer"
  	stereoBuffer := SoundBuffer newStereoSampleCount: bufSize.
  	streamDirect := aBinaryStream isKindOf: StandardFileStream.
  	reverseBytes := (bigEndianFlag xor: Smalltalk isBigEndian) xor: streamDirect not.
  	'Storing audio...'
  		displayProgressFrom: 0 to: samplesToStore during: [:bar | | remaining out |
  			remaining := samplesToStore.
  			[remaining > 0] whileTrue: [
  				bar value: samplesToStore - remaining.
  				stereoBuffer primFill: 0.  "clear the buffer"
  				self playSampleCount: (bufSize min: remaining) into: stereoBuffer startingAt: 1.
  				out := self isStereo
  						ifTrue: [stereoBuffer]
  						ifFalse: [stereoBuffer extractLeftChannel].
  				reverseBytes ifTrue: [out reverseEndianness].
+ 					ifTrue:  "optimization for files: write sound buffer directly to file"
+ 						[aBinaryStream next: (out size // 2 min: remaining) putAll: out startingAt: 1]  "size in words"
+ 					ifFalse:  "for non-file streams:"
+ 						[1 to: (out monoSampleCount min: remaining) do: [:i | aBinaryStream int16: (out at: i)]].
- 					ifTrue: [  "optimization for files: write sound buffer directly to file"
- 						aBinaryStream next: (out size // 2) putAll: out startingAt: 1]  "size in words"
- 					ifFalse: [  "for non-file streams:"
- 						1 to: out monoSampleCount do: [:i | aBinaryStream int16: (out at: i)]].
  				remaining := remaining - bufSize]].!

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