[squeak-dev] A case where Morph copying fails

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Thu Aug 11 15:10:41 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Fresh 6.0 image --

1) drag out a Holder from Supplies flap
2) drag out a Rectangle from Supplies flap
3) drop Rectangle into Holder  (note the Rectangle border becomes  
extra thick)
4) open a Halo over the Holder
5) try to click on the Green "copy/duplicate" button
6) get a DNU/MNU: MorphicModel1(Object) doesNotUnderstand:   

Last time I tried this, it actually behaved differently.  It was more  
like this:

1) Drag out a Holder
2) Drag out a Rectangle
3) Drop the Rectangle into the Holder
4) Copy the Holder using the Halo green copy/duplicate (this would work)
5) change the color of the embedded Rectangle via its inspector
6) Try to copy the Holder now (this would fail, again via #veryDeepCopy)

It's also a little strange that the first Rectangle dropped into the  
Holder sees its border become thicker, while a second / third  
Rectangle do not see their border width change.


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