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Jakob Reschke jakres+squeak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 07:52:28 UTC 2022

Hi Christoph and Marcel,

The idea to ensure that things demanding attention can be seen after a
resize is good.

Am Mi., 24. Aug. 2022 um 14:03 Uhr schrieb Marcel Taeumel <
marcel.taeumel at hpi.de>:

> Then again, there are users that get frustrated when things move around
> just because some screen resizing hick-up had some intermediate smaller
> size ...

I am one of those. :-)

Ideally Squeak could keep track of the position of the various things in
the world for different screen sizes. It could then restore the positions
if the screen size changes back and the things have not been moved in the
meantime. Windows 10 seems to have some memory like this for the desktop
icons. I no longer have to rearrange them back to order after accidentally
logging in with the wrong display still active and then switching back to
the real one with the higher resolution. But alas something like this is
the more complex solution.

> Am 24.08.2022 12:16:17 schrieb commits at source.squeak.org <
> commits at source.squeak.org>:
> Item was added:
> + ----- Method: DialogWindow>>makeMeVisible (in category 'updating') -----
> + makeMeVisible
Please reconsider the name. Look from the perspective of the sender
method's text: the receiver of this message will not make the sender
visible... So I find this self reference or first person perspective in the
message name odd.

Likewise, #includes: is not called #include: (as in "I include") and
#yourself is not called #myself.
For a balanced presentation I thought about searching for other existing
selectors written with a first person perspective, but then I did not
because I had no quick idea how to find any efficiently...

Apart from that I associate "visible" with not being
hidden/cloaked/invisible, rather than being "reachable on the screen."
Probably stems back from my Delphi roots.

> Item was added:
> + ----- Method: SystemProgressMorph class>>fullRepaintNeeded (in category
> 'class initialization') -----
> + fullRepaintNeeded
> +
> + UniqueInstance ifNotNil: [UniqueInstance recenter].!
> In my image, the implementation of recenter has this comment: "This method
is no longer used, but kept for a while longer to ensure no difficulties
updating via the trunk."
I only looked at it because in at least one of my images I have patched
something such that the progress morph appears in the lower right quarter
of the screen rather than in the center.

Kind regards,
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