[squeak-dev] OSProcess Question

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Aug 27 17:12:02 UTC 2022

Hi Eric,

On Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 10:44:01AM -0400, Eric Gade wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for the comprehensive explanation and examples. I'm using Squeak 6.1
> here, which might be an issue, but the following message responds with a
> DNU:
> OSProcess outputOf: 'which node'
> I don't see any method in the system called #outputOf:
> I installed OSProcess and CommandShell via the optional additions during
> the setup wizard.

I cannot explain why, but it sounds like you may have an older version
of OSProcess/CommandShell. The setup wizard seems to be working for
me (I just tried it again on a fresh Squeak 6.0 release image). The
wizard seems to be using Metacello to load the packages, which does
not seem right to me, but it nevertheless seems to work and load the
right packages.

All that I can suggest is to use a regular Monticello browser and
open up the OSProcess and CommandShell repositories to make sure that
the latest versions are installed. The repositories are at
https://www.squeaksource.com/OSProcess and https://www.squeaksource.com/CommandShell.

If anything does not seem up to date, then load OSProcess-dtl.130.mcz
and CommandShell-dtl.111.mcz.


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