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Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Mon Aug 29 07:39:55 UTC 2022

Hi Jakob,

This is fantastic! Back and Forward are one of my most frequent actions while browsing; peek at this method, go back, etc. At the moment I have to remember where I was :D

I like it remembers not only methods but also classes visited.

Question is where to put the buttons... I wouldn't mind placing them next to the window menu :) I can imagine other types of tools/windows could use their versions of Back and Forth as well.

I'd love to have them linked to Back and Forward mouse buttons or at least given hot-keys like Alt-left/right and be able to program the mouse.

I wish this functionality got integrated. Thanks Jakob!



Jaromír Matas

mail at jaromir.net

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Actually, the new version of the configuration does not appear in the Inbox. So either something seems to be wrong with the saving, or I still do something wrong.

Here are the latest versions:

Am Do., 25. Aug. 2022 um 22:14 Uhr schrieb Jakob Reschke <jakres+squeak at gmail.com<mailto:jakres%2Bsqueak at gmail.com>>:
I pushed a fix and a new version of the configuration: BrowserNavigation-jr.2.

This time a repository is included, but still no email to the list, so apparently the notification is not implemented for configurations saved to the Inbox.

Am So., 21. Aug. 2022 um 21:29 Uhr schrieb Jakob Reschke <jakres+squeak at gmail.com<mailto:jakres%2Bsqueak at gmail.com>>:
Hello everyone,

I added some new versions and a configuration map to load them to the Inbox. But unfortunately the server did not generate an email for the configuration, so I am announcing this here manually:

"This set of package versions introduces backwards and forwards navigation to the Browser and fixes it in Lexicon. The navigation in Lexicon is refactored to use the same underlying history management as the Browser."


Please review and comment, especially on the choice of names.

I hope the tools allow treating configurations in the Inbox better than they supported copying one to the Inbox... If these versions get integrated into Trunk, the configuration map should be discarded.

Kind regards,

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