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Jakob Reschke jakres+squeak at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 10:27:38 UTC 2022

Hi Jaromir,

Thank you!

Am Mo., 29. Aug. 2022 um 09:39 Uhr schrieb Jaromir Matas <mail at jaromir.net>:

> I'd love to have them linked to Back and Forward mouse buttons or at least
> given hot-keys like Alt-left/right and be able to program the mouse.
I was thinking about the mouse buttons as well, but at least the Windows VM
recognizes only three mouse buttons. Reading into the relevant Windows API,
there is actually a choice here: handle the WM_XBUTTON* messages directly
or handle higher-level WM_APPCOMMAND messages for back and forward. Sounds
like Windows generates the latter automatically in DefWindowProc() if the
application does not handle the XBUTTON messages.

Kind regards,

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