[squeak-dev] How to change #processPreemptionYields setting?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 03:10:06 UTC 2022

Does anyone know what the purpose of this code in ProcessorScheduler
class>>#startUp: is?

     Smalltalk processPreemptionYields ifTrue: [
          Smalltalk processPreemptionYields: false].

#processPreemptionYields: comment says

     "This flag persists across snapshots,stored in the image header."

but due to the above, effectively for the user, it does not.  If it was set
true in the previous session, upon restarting it will be back to false.
The comment also indicates that the "default" is true (Bluebook
behavior), but this code overrides that on every start up, so not really a

If someone did want to automate setting this to true, what would be the
best way?  I thought about a "competing" #startUp: method in some
other class, being careful to sequence it after ProcessorScheduler but..
hmm, could this code simply be removed, instead?  Do we have things in the
image that depend on this setting?

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